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Smartvision Technical Services LLC is an Excellent Grade Limited Liability Company operating in the Sultanate of Oman with core activities in the fields of Interior Design, Turn-key Projects, Electronics & IT, Mechanical Engineering, General Maintenance and Oilfield Supplies. Smartvision Technical Services LLC is an Excellent Grade Limited Liability Company operating in the Sultanate of Oman with core activities in the fields of Interior Design, Turn-key Projects, Electronics & IT, Mechanical Engineering, General Maintenance and Oilfield Supplies.

Office Designs
– Scale up the business profile

A good Office design is the outcome of the combined efforts of designers, space planners and architectural technicians whose imagination and creativity culminate in the production of designing aesthetically, economically, spaciously and productively. Smart Vision employs the best talents in all these fields compared to any firm undertaking similar activities as we recognize the importance of skill and experience of persons undertaking the task. We have the best studio with state- of the- art facilities set up for the purpose. Our office designs carry the mark of our brand in the sense that they are the most sophisticated,stylish, fashionable, with enticing looks. At the same time we ensure that the specific requirements and needs of the clients are met with regard to space requirements and operational feasibility. For design the suggestions and aspirations of the clients are given prime importance and hence our constructions are never stereo-types .While designing offices we insist that they should instill a spirit of dynamism and inspiration in the employees. The designing is carried out so meticulously that even the colours of the walls, windows and furniture and furnishings are carefully selected keeping an eye on the name and fame and the brand Value of the company. Offices designed by are renowned for more staff interaction, cordiality, Productivity and staff retention and attraction. They are felt more attractive to your clients too.
Office fit out
- Free from hurry and hassle

One of the most spectacular achievements Smart Vision has made is in the field of designing, constructing, furnishing and handing over office fit outs par excellence. They suit to the budget and time planning of the clients. These fit out ranges from thousands sq. ft to thousands of sq. ft which fulfill the needs, requirements and aspirations of the clients. Each office fit out we hand over to the client is unique, Specific and different in appearance and performance.

Smart Vision entrust the work of office fit outs in the charge of expert construction Managers who with the help of designers and Work place consultants carryout the task within the time frame budgetary limit with maximum achievable excellence. The construction and execution are done keeping all quality standards in terms of raw materials and construction procedures. As a result all our works excel the expectations of the clients.

Usually , business men with time constraints and busy personal and business schedules cannot find time and convenience of making arrangements of construction and designing and furnishing the office. The matters will get delayed if they engage themselves in these affairs. Besides, ensuring quality is also a tremendous task to them. This compels them to entrust the work with construction companies. But one should exercise proper caution and care while entrusting the work to constructors. Work undertaken by incompetent and incapable companies would result in losses and hardships. Smart Vision with its efficient and talented team of experts of all fields of construction and workplace planning make all arrangements to improve the operational efficiency, Institutional image, and eventually enhance profit .
Office refurbishment
- New looks to re- energize

As Specialists in office refurbishment we have unexcelled ways of effective performance. The most important advantage our clients feel is that the work is executed in a highly cost efficient way. We do the work without causing any disturbance to the normal working of the office. Refurbishing the office by the Smart Vision experts is the real rejuvenation as it changes the profile of the work place positively and effectively. Our mode of operation is so novel and innovative that change after the refurbishment will seem miraculous. Our office refurbishment activity improve the operational efficiency, corporate image and ability to attract and retain staff and increase client base. It should be particularly noted that the firm undertaking the work of refurbishment is experienced and skilled in the work and they have creative and talented personnel to operate the scheme.

A good refurbishment company have all the departments of workplace consultancy, design, IT, project management, construction, furniture supply and funding, as well as post-contract support and facilities management. Commitment or dedication to the work of the company and their past track record are also to be taken into consideration before assigning the refurbishment contract. In all these aspects , Smart Vision stand out as an ideal choice you can rely to entrust your work.
Turnkey Design and Fit out
–Feel at ease

Construction and creating the office is a laborious process and time consuming too. People will be fed up while doing all these things themselves. Appointing contractors , sub contractors and supervising the work , all these make things difficult and boring. Besides , contacting and directing the interior designers also cause head ache.

It is usually advisable to route the work to turn key way due to the efficiency and convenience it provides. Turn-key Projects of Smart Vision guarantees fast completion, and perfection in execution. We have a track record of completing all the projects entrusted to us in time and within the budgetary limits. We have constructed all sizes of and types of turn key projects and our clients can feel relieved that they are entrusting the work in safe hands. Turn Key and fit out mode is the most cost efficient way to implement a project. As contractors of repute b and experience Smart Vision has the capability and Infra structural facilities to undertake all types of turnkey and office fit out projects.
Green Office Fit out
- Preserve for the future

Conservation of the natural resources . preservation of nature and keeping the environment clean etc are important not only in the present day context but also for future also. Besides it can reduce the energy bills of the company. Such green office premises are termed as sustainable and the concept has gained popularity and acceptance in recent days. Smart Vision creates a work environment in which the present work of our clients are made more qualitative and productive and cost efficient in the green way. The effects of well planned and effectively carried out green office drive can be long lasting and productive. We have a brilliant team of ‘Green Specialists’ who are adept in creating a sustainableoffice design and fit out without harming the environment. Smart Vision can help the clients with BREEAM assessments, SKA Ratings, audits, sustainability training and carbon foot-printing.
Client Services
- Love the clients : Respect their needs

With our services, we have the ability to make your dream a reality through the combination of our team’s detailed studies for space planning and careful selection for materials & finishes, parallel with high quality execution. Our hands-on design team ensures that every need is addressed before construction begins.

Our duty is to ensure the client receive the best possible solution in line with the budget.
Our services include:

  • Complete interior design
  • Site execution & supervision
  • Supply & furniture Installation
  • Quality, Time and cost Management.
  • project delivery & Maintenance.
  • Work space consultancy
    –Optimise Your Office

    Smart Vision has a talented team of work place consultants who can advise on your optimization plans and plan and execute optimization works which will reduce real estate costs of the company to a great extent. This will in turn increase the productivity of the company and profit. We analyze the present performance and ways of your operation technology, premises and even the staff interaction to arrive at a conclusion on the short comings or the areas of improvement. As the most prominent work place consultants in the Gulf area we have the necessary infra structural facilities and knowhow of the work place consultancy. The idea of workplace optimisation is gaining more importance recently and more and business men are implementing the idea into practice in their work places. Work place optimization results in the effectiveness and efficiency in the performance of the business. We employ the most modern tools and methodologies to analyse the business qualitatively and quantitatively. Our service reduces the real estate costs, operating and travel costs and improves staff attraction and retention. It can change the organizational culture and the mode operation of the business. A correct workplace strategist can make your plans and performance more innovative and speed up the decision making process and reduce the dependence on paper storage. In short ,a correct strategy of work place helps you realize the strategic objectives of your business.

    Electronics Telecom & IT
    -Catch up with fast changing Technology

    Technology is the key enabler in allowing the modern workplace to be responsive, flexible, creative and collaborative. The network deployed must empower the individual to work most effectively in a manner and environment that best suits their skills.

    From precision data cabling and cordless telephony, through to complex trading systems and remote networking; our I.T. consultants, managers and their teams have become well known for providing accountable strategies that keep Clients in step with the very latest information technology.
    Smart Vision Office Furniture
    -Make the office dignified

    we offer procurement, supply, installation and maintenance services for all furniture requirements with a comprehensive design. we have showrooms, storage facilities, transport and dedicated installation teams supplying office furniture to clients in and around the OMAN. Whether you require a single chair for a new employee or are looking for a complete office furniture solution to complement an office refurbishment or move, we will workout for you ensuring best quality products at lowest possible prices and excellent customer service suiting your requirements, and environment.
    Office Glass Partitioning
    –Fuse Transparency with Privacy

    Glass partitions provides plenty of light emission with high quality appearance and a modern feel to the office environment. It Maximizes space for minimal cost made of the highest quality tempered glass. They are non-load bearing and can be single or double glazed, with sound proofing properties and can be mounted with blinds for privacy. Glass partitions come in different variety of designs and glass types and frame finishes and also with fire protection properties if required.
    In house joinery factory
    – Serving to energize the world

    Smart vision is having own technicians for all the works and has an in house Carpentry/ Joinery wing. Carpentry/joinery works are executed with precision under the Supervision of a team leader and site supervisors